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FILIGRANA Low Glass Verde Acido

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Material: Murano glass
Technique: Filgree
Color: Verde Acido
Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 8 (H) cm
Net weight: 0,1 kg
Made in Murano, Italy

FILIGRANA is a collaboration between the Milanese bistro Altatto and 6:AM Glassworks.
Launched in 2021, this joint venture begins a series of interactions between innovative culinary practices and Murano’s master glassmakers. The set is composed of a tall, narrow water glass inspired by oriental tea glasses, a lower and wider cocktail glass, a cylindrical jug and a table decoration vase.
Crafted using the traditional Muranese technique ‘a canne’, each piece is hand-made by master craftsmen who fuse glass canes before blowing them into a wooden mold.
Every piece is then coldworked and hand-signed.

Each of these products is handmade, and due to its artisanal production, each piece is unique. There may be slight differences between each product within the same collection, these differences ensure the high craftsmanship of the glass item.
Small air bubbles in the handblown glass and slight height differences are not to be considered defects but rather as high-value characteristics of craftsmanship and its technique.