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Emerald to Blue TEST Vase


Material: Murano glass
Technique: Sfumato
Size: 7 x 25 (H) cm
Net weight: 0,6 kg
Made in Murano, Italy

6:AM Glassworks
Designed to accentuate technique, this handmade Murano glass vase showcases the sfumato technique of two colors and a sanded finish that adds depth to the blown glass. The clean lines emphasize their thickness, inviting observers to immerse themselves in its purity.
Available in four gradients, emerald green to blue, red to amber, amethyst to crystal, and blue to amethyst, these vases are an ode to the excellence of Murano glass artistry and innovation.

Each of these products is handmade, and due to its artisanal production, each piece is unique. There may be slight differences between each product within the same collection, but these differences ensure the high craftsmanship of the glass item.