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6:AM Sample Box Dark Colors


Explore color combinations with 6:AM Dark Colors Set 9 Murano glass tiles, crafted as samples for our LINA and PAYSAGE collections, designed by Hannes Peer, and the SISTEMA collection, designed by 6:AM and NM3.
Each tile is handcrafted in Murano using the cast technique, with fine pigmentation applied to enhance the colors while preserving the transparency of the glass.

LINA and PAYSAGE samples includes the following colors:
Acciaio (Dark)
Bluino (Dark)
Petrolio (Dark)
Fumè (Dark)
Ambra (Dark)
Rosa (Dark)

The SISTEMA tile is a Murano handmade crystal clear glass textured on both sides, drawing inspiration from Scarpa and Mazzoni’s grooved glass of the ’30s.
Each tile’s design is crafted to refract the light coming from an integrated dimmable LED system on the side of the Sistema lamps.

If you are a Design Professional please write to [email protected] to receive a discount.